The Korean Association for Probiotics Biotherapy in Seoul, 2019

As a microbiology expert, Cell Biotech regularly hold an academic seminar, the Korean Association for Probiotics Biotherapy. In 2019, almost 100 pharmacists attended to this seminar. The seminar was very successful with great foods at Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul.

Dr. Chung, CEO of Cell Biotech, mentioned that it is time for pharmacists to know the exact information of probiotics and pharmacist should play a decisive role in the consumer’s product selection as experts. The pharmacists who participated in this seminar said that it was a good opportunity to have an eye to select the right probiotics products through lectures.

Meanwhile, Cell Biotech is continuously conducting education seminars to share the correct information with pharmacists. This year, a total of 500 pharmacists participated in 5 biotherapy and small group seminars, and 70 pharmacists participated in the lab tour, which was conducted 3 times, to provide probiotics education and to show excellent probiotics manufacturing facilities.


Duolac Korea Microbiome Health Class

Duolac Korea hold a consumer invitation seminar to communicate the importance of microbiome and healthy life style at Busan region. Invited consumers had a great time with Duolac microbiome cooking class, making Korean traditional ferment food, Doen-Jang (Soybean paste).

Duolac keeps holding an interesting seminar to communicate our consumers to deliver the expert knowledge about microbiome and probiotics.



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