Professional Multi-Strain Formulation TechnologyFormulas Are Honed By Microbiological Expert

Because they are living microorganisms, probiotic products are developed through a technically complex and methodical scientific process.

All DUOLAC probiotics formulas are honed by microbiological experts through extensive testing with consideration of the gut environment as well as strain growth.

Strain ResearchProbiotics Formulation Based on Scientific Analysis

As specialists in microorganisms, DUOLAC researchers study and thoroughly test the function of each individual strain of probiotics and develop multi-strain formulations tailored to individuals of differing ages and situations.

  • Internal Testing

    Each strain is precisely analyzed before it is combined with other strains.

  • NGS Analysis

    The leading-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis method is used to identify the genetic features of each strain and to design customized multi-strain products.

  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Trials

    Strong clinical and non-clinical documentations prove the efficiency and safety of our formulations.

  • Our customized formulations and expertise are empowered by scientific evidence.

Considering Different Growth Rates of Strains

Through our knowledge of fermentation and strain proliferation, we have created 3-genus technology, a synergistic probiotics formation which allows strains to grow harmoniously in the intestines.

Considering Microbiome Diversity by Age

While bifidobacterium is the most predominant bacteria in the intestines for infants, its percentage decreases with age. Due to the nature of bifidobacterium, DUOLAC probiotics have varying levels of bifidobacterium targeted to different age groups.

Clear and Informative Packaging

DUOLAC clearly and confidently discloses strain formulation information, including lactobacillus and bifidobacteria ratios, on its product packaging.


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