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Cell Biotech is South Korea's leading probiotics company, which exports to forty countries around the world including Denmark, the leading country of lactic acid bacteria. We have established close partnerships with world-class multinational companies and local retailers to provide affordable yet premium quality products for our customers.

DUOLAC Korea Story

Top-Selling Brand in Probiotics Market
Recognized by the South Korean Government

Distribution of products to pharmacies, hospitals, and on-line shops in South Korea

20 Million Dollar Export Monument Award (2017)
World Class Product of Korea (2016)

First launched in South Korea in 2010 as a premium brand, DUOLAC has secured the top place among probiotics brands in Korea.
DUOLAC Korea has an extensive range of probiotics products, which are widely available in pharmacies, hospitals, and online shops. Our products are highly recommended by our Korean customers for their excellent quality. We organize “Invitation Days” and microbiome health classes for our customers and host pharmaceutical medical science meetings and conferences for clinical experts.

*2016 Korean Dietary Supplement Market Research Report(Korea Agency of HACCP Accreditation and Services)

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Duolac® Duo D-drops
Duolac® Baby
Duolac® Yam Yam
Duolac® Yam Yam+
Duolac® Daily Kids
Duolac® Microbiome 7 Kids
Duolac® Care
Duolac® Vitality
Duolac® Gold
Duolac® Microbiome 7 Senior
Duolac® Beauty Plus
Duolac® Cleansing
Duolac® Moms
Duolac® Microbiome7 Woman
Duolac® Multivitamin Probiotics
Duolac® Vitamin C Probiotics
Duolac® Vitamin B Probiotics
Duolac® Ginkgo Extract Probiotics
Special Care
Duolac® ATP
Duolac® Stop
Duolac® Digest
Duolac® Awake
DUOLAC Singapore Story

ETC’s leading probiotic brand

Distribution of products to pharmacies, hospitals, and on-line shops in Singapore

Launched in Singapore in 2014, DUOLAC has become the preferred choice of specialists and ETC’s leading probiotic brand. It is now available in pharmacies and online stores. DUOLAC Singapore engages key opinion leaders by hosting periodic academic symposiums and conducting factory tours, making the production process transparent.

Duolac Singapore website
Duolac® Duo D-drops
Duolac® Baby
Duolac® Yam Yam+
Duolac® Care
Duolac® Daily Vitality
Duolac® Chewable Family
Special Care
Duolac® Derma
Duolac® Awake
Duolac® Stop Chewable
Duolac® Travel
DUOLAC Denmark Story

Demark Market Share No. 2

Distribution of products to pharmacies in Denmark

Success in the Birthplace of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Successfully launched in Denmark in 2014, DUOLAC is sold through pharmacies and enjoys the second largest share in the Danish pharmacy market*. This is attributable to the excellent quality of DUOLAC’s probiotics, which are developed through advanced technology and extensively tested. DUOLAC Denmark continues to provide professional lectures about probiotics and product training for Danish pharmacists.

*DLiMi data

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Duolac® Duo+ D-dråber
Duolac® Daglig+ Børn
Duolac® Daglig+ Vitalitet
Duolac® 50+ Vitality
Special Care
Duolac® Rejse+ 2i1
Duolac® Normal+ Immunforsvar
Duolac® Derma+ Plus
Duolac® Mikrobiom+ 12
Duolac France Story

DUOLAC Enters the French Market

Distribution of products to pharmacies in France

France, known to be a gourmet paradise, shows high awareness of intestinal health and the importance of probiotics. Following its success in Denmark, DUOLAC launched in the France market in 2019. Now our products are available in local pharmacies. We interact with French customers through social media channels and public relations activities.

Duolac France website
Duolac® Daily+ Vitality
Special Care
Duolac® Travel 2 in 1
Duolac® Relieve+
Duolac® Derma+
DUOLAC Poland Story

DUOLAC Enters the Polish Market

Distribution of products to pharmacies, hospitals in Poland

Warmly welcomed by European customers, DUOLAC launched in the Poland market in 2019. Now our products are available in local pharmacies and hospitals. Stay tuned for DUOLAC Poland!

Duolac® Duo+ D krople
Duolac® baby
Duolac® Vitality

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