Duolac Denmark holds danish pharmacist seminar in different regions

On October 7th and 8th, Duolac Denmark had the two seminars of 2019 in Kolding and Roskilde area regarding professional probiotics lecture and information of duolac products. Our CEO, Dr.Chung addressed about importance of the microbiome. Kolding Seminar : In Jutland, the venue was Hotel Comwellin Kolding, the seminar ended up with 45 participants and had a very fruitful time to share the knowledge with great foods at great place.

Roskilde Seminar:

On Zealand, the venue was Hotel Comwellin Roskilde, the seminar ended up with 52 participants, which was a very good audience size in this place west of Copenhagen. This seminar was very successful with nice and great feedback from attendees.



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